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The Pilot Project for Teachers’ Micro Grant Service Products

area Basic Education
Organization Guangzhou Yuexiu Beam Alliance Education Support and Development Center
Year 2015
Region Nationally Based
URL www.beamalliance.com

The Pilot Project for Teachers’ Micro Grant Service Products, designed and implemented by Guangzhou Yuexiu Beam Alliance Education Support and Development Center, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou (Beam Alliance), provides rural schools’ teachers with teaching materials, and builds an interactive community for teachers, so that teachers could know more advanced teaching concepts and methods, and thus organizes a variety of educational activities to enhance their teaching quality.

The Survey conducted by Beam Alliance discovered that, nationally, about 2/3 children are born and grown up in the countryside, and it is the 10,000,000 teachers in rural schools that can influence them most. But these teachers are in a difficult position to access advanced teaching concepts and methods due to lack of financial or technical support to get necessary teaching materials for delivery of effective teaching. Beam Alliance tries to provide rural schools’ teachers with teaching materials and information, and build an offline-to-online communication network for them to enhance these teachers’ willingness and capacities to try and explore new teaching methods, thus helping rural children to receive better education.

In 2014, Beam Alliance supported more than 200 teachers’ projects with about 10,000 students benefited from this. Based on what it had learned from the past experience, Beam Alliance developed and pilot-tested its new “Beam Alliance Pool”project, which tried to gradually build a space for rural teachers to share their teaching experience, build and test its online interactive community, and further upgrade its online crowdfunding platform. With the infrastructure completed, Beam Alliance will try to test and explore more content and methods that can effectively support rural teachers.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association makes grant for the field trips and staff salaries to develop and test its products.