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The Promotion of Regional Education System Innovation Project

area Compulsory & Other Education
Organization 21st Century Education Research Institute
Year 2019
Region Nationwide

The Promotion of Regional Education System Innovation Project started in May 2019. It is aimed at tackling the issues of overwhelmed study load, Idolizing individual schools, and irregular establishing of private schools by well-know schools faced by local education administration department. Meanwhile, due to lack of systematic and forward-looking awareness and action on regional education mechanism, the capacity of regional education governance is to be improved, especially in developing effective and systematic solutions or related guidance. Therefore, the project intends to enhance the local educational governance capability through four working paths, which include”research and development, evaluation and advocacy, platform establishing, promotion and support”, to help local governments promote equal quality education, and to gradually promote the modernization of education in China.

The Regional Education System Innovation Award just finished its 6thterm. It has collected nearly 200 cases of local innovation practices from nearly 30 provincial and municipal administration and education departments in China. In December 2018, the National Education Deputy Research Alliance was born out of the Award network. Having more than 140 local education authorities join the alliance it is aimed at creating a good atmosphere for conversation and discussion around regional education reform, supporting the sharing of governance resources for mutual reference, and smoothing the central-to-local governance procedure. Currently the project has started to scale up.