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The Start Program – Babie Dreamers Joint Strategy Development

area basic education
Organization Guangxi Dreamers Rural Youth Care Center
Year 2018

After ten years of field practice in Babie, Tianyang County of Guangxi Province, the project team has proved that the existing community model of interactive social learning and practice can indeed support the most vulnerable children in rural areas to grow from marginalized and withdrawn individuals to open, confident, capable and responsible youth, breaking the intergenerational poverty. How to use education to break the intergenerational poverty and support the development of the most vulnerable children is an important issue, providing a proven model for common reference.

After completing the feasibility validation, the next step is to continue exploring how to expand, to support the growing young dreamers in a fission way to become real innovators, to initiate their own communities of practice, to support more withdrawn and marginalized rural disadvantaged youth, to become open, confident and strong-minded young people. It’s called the Singularity Plan. The fission expansion model of the community of practice has not been explored in previous projects. If we can explore a path of expansion, it will be useful for many projects operating in the way of community involvement.

This project is used to support the strategic interactive workshop of Singularity Plan, to highlight the experience of the formation and development of practice community in the past 10 years, and to create a strategic path for further development.