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The Start Program – Mamaucan Parents Education Podcast Community Building

area preschool education
Organization Mamaucan Management Consulting Co., Ltd.
Year 2018
Region Nationwide

Mamaucan Parents Education Podcast is carried out by Mamaucan Management Consulting Co., Ltd. This project aims to provide a personalized podcast app that send education content for mothers and grandmothers of low-income children from pregnancy to 6 years of age.

Family education for children aged 0-6 is very important because the development of children’s brain, body and personality at this stage lays the foundation for their lifelong development. At present, the support from the government for family upbringing at this stage is insufficient, conscious urban families will learn the knowledge of upbringing through the Internet, or even paid online courses; however, a large number of parents living in rural areas and counties still lack awareness to child upbringing, and are thus not accustomed to active learning and acquisition of knowledge. Moreover, the existing online content mainly focuses on urbanization life, hard to attract attention among low-income parents. Mamaucan’s target users are mothers and grandparents including middle school or primary school graduates, migrate workers, minority groups, or those who are living in the village or from low- and middle- income families in cities. The content is based on audio encyclopedia, strictly selected by experts, focusing on pregnancy to 6 years old, it systematically pushes 2 minutes of popular voice content and companion community services daily according to the age line, making smart phones the learning tools and helpers of target users.