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The Start Program – Practice-based Kindergarten Teacher Training Mechanism Study in the USA

area preschool education
Organization Macao Tong Chai Charity Association
Year 2018
Region Seattle, USA

This project focuses on the issue of kindergarten teacher training. Stimulated by the shortage of kindergarten teachers in China, the number of schools for kindergarten teacher training has increased dramatically. However, for kindergarten teacher training, some emphasize theories and knowledge, some emphasize artistic skills, and lack of ability training for kindergarten teachers to observe, understand and support children’s development in educational practice. To improve this problem, first in this field is to recognize the problem and the status quo, second is to identify active industry actors, and the third is to find viable direction for improvement.

This project invites three professionals who are interested in and more active in the improvement of kindergarten teacher training mode to visit the Early Edu Alliance in the United States that focuses on similar problems. The purpose of this project is to verify three aspects: 1) Under the current situation of kindergarten teacher training in China, is it the right reforming direction to enhance the practical ability of kindergarten teachers to focus on children? 2) Whether Early EdU Alliance project is worth learning for China in terms of curriculum, Internet tools and project model; 3) Whether the three experts are willing to further invest in improving the training model of kindergarten teachers, and if so, how they may participate.