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The “Story Class”for Rural Young Left-behind Children Project

area Preschool Education
Organization China Charities Aid Foundation for Children(CCAFC)
Year 2016
Region Nationwide

The “Story Class”for Rural Young Left-behind Children Project, implemented by the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children(CCAFC), aims to promote the cognitive abilities and language development of young children by providing picture books for 50 kindergartens in Yunnan province, Jiangxi province and Qinghai province, and training teachers on how to teach reading through picture books.

Due to their parents going to cities to work, it is common for rural young left-behind children to be taken care of by their grandparents in rural areas. Most of these children have not seen picture books yet, and it is also rare for them to have listened to interesting stories from picture books from their teachers. Because the rural kindergartens spent most of their money on the facilities, there is less or no money reserved to purchase picture books. So it is understandable that these children would have no picture books to read, not to mention cultivating reading habit for them. Consequently, these children, without opportunities to read picture books, would have a certain degree of deficiency in their development of language abilities. Thus, CCAFC would carry out a “story class”project for rural children in 50 kindergartens in the poor regions of central and western China with an aim to having picture books for the children in these kindergartens to read, and cultivate their reading habits and reading abilities. In the meantime, this project also train teachers to promote their reserve and abilities of theoretical knowledge in undertaking? picture book group teaching and organizing free picture book reading activities, so that a rich and enabling reading environment could be created for these children to actively and positively find and raise questions, as well as share their views on the story-lines, content and significance of the stories in their interactions with other children to finally get their own reading experience and harvests. This one year’s project tries to promote the children’s development in the spheres of their language, cognitive and social-psycho abilities, while motivating their interest in reading.

The Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the purchase of picture books and partial financial support for teacher training.