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WISE-LIFE China Education Forum

area Industry Development
Organization Beijing Xinminsirui Education Consulting Center (better known as "21st Century Education Research Institute")
Year 2016
Region Beijing
URL http://www.21cedu.org/

The WISE-LIFE China Education Forum is the first cooperation between two education innovation platforms in China and abroad: World Innovation Summit for Education and LIFE Education Innovation (21st Century Education Research Institute) ,in hopes of inspiring people’s thinking and actions towards education and exploring innovative plans to improve learning and address the major educational problems by presenting worldwide experiences and efforts in education innovation.

Today’s world is complicated with frequent contradictions. Therefore, people place their hope on education to cultivate? individuals who can adapt to the future and society. Education equity is the basis of a shared future of mankind, which means providing quality education for every learner to help make up for his/her disadvantages, release his/her maximum potentials and fill the gap between rich and poor, urban and rural. male and female effectively.

Innovative ways over technological innovations are needed to ensure education equity. Innovation is not bringing forth the new from the old, but jumping out of stereotypes’ limitations to find more effective solutions under limited conditions to promote social equity. The atmosphere and environment created by innovation will make 21st century skills, such as critical thinking, cooperation, creativity and communication able to boom.

With “Innovation Promoting Equity” as its theme, the WISE-LIFE China Education Forum brings together experts, scholars and policy-makers in different fields from China and abroad to discuss how to solve complicated education problems using strategic thoughts and how to find innovative and sustainable solutions under limited conditions. When facing rapid changes, global connection and uncertain future, we should reflect on? today’s education and consider how we cultivate talents that can adapt to or even create, the future.

The Macao Tongchai Charity Association provides funding for the WISE-LIFE China Education forum’s partial logistical expense.