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WU Jinglian-Leping Scholars Plan- Cross-field Scholars Cultivation Project

area Industry Development
Organization Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation
Year 2016
Region Mainland China
URL http://www.lepingfoundation.org/

Implemented by the Leping Social Entrepreneur Foundation, the WU Jinglian???-Leping Scholars Plan- Cross-field Scholars Cultivation Project aims to cultivate scholars in the fields of social innovation and philanthropy, and inform and advocate their research results. It is hoped that, through this process, the project can promote the concerns about and awareness of social issues by both the Public, and social elites with people from business and political circle as representatives, build the cross-field community, advance the cross-field exchange and in-depth cross-field cooperation, thus creating a possibility of working together to settle extensive and complex social issues.

The project, in collaboration with Stanford PACS and the Research Center for China Social Innovation and Modern and Contemporary History, Tsinghua University(preparatory), tries to recruit post-doctoral researchers and support them to conduct related research in the fields of social innovation and philanthropy, and inform and advocate the valuable research results to the society as well. Furthermore, the project will take avail of the influence of both Stanford University and Tsinghua University around the world, through the exchanges and visits initiated by Stanford PACS, to build a cross-field community that can helpscholars, policy makers, business elites and social practitioners to cooperate.

Tong Chai provides funding for the project’s cooperation with Stanford PACS,mainly including expenses incurred from sending visiting scholars to Stanford University, building the E-database of China’s Philanthropy Materials, and co-sponsored annual workshops.

?Wu Jinglian is a China’s most celebrated and influential economist.