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?Xinhuo Pre-school Education Project in Puding County (Phase II)

area Preschool Education
Organization Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation, Guizhou
Year 2015
Region Guizhou
URL www.prdf.org.cn

Puding County Pensioners’ Children Fun Kindergartens Project (phase II), implemented by Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation, Guzhou (Pensioners), is a preschool education project that targets poor regions in Guizhou. The project provides hardware capacities, teachers’ training workshops and kindergarten visits for kindergartens to meet the demand of preschool education in Puding county. It is hoped that the preschool education quality can be promoted with joint efforts of Pensioners, villagers and parents.

In 2014, Macao Tong Chai Charity Association supported Pensioners to set up four Children Fun Kindergartens in villages of Puding county by using and renovating spare old schoolhouses and villagers’ houses. The project provided toys, selected and trained local villagers to deliver quality preschool education for local people. About 150 children around Children Fun Kindergartens benefited from Pensioners’ efforts. Three preschool education teachers have been trained with their teaching skills promoted in an all-round way and were capable of teaching. After one year’s practice, Pensioners actively summarized their experience and tried to improve their operation and management module. In 2015, it plans to set up five new Children Fun Kindergartens, and provide new training workshops for both old and new teachers. Pensioners will try everything possible to get Office of Preschool Education, Puding Education Bureau involved in the project, and help form a local trainer team in the hopes that these efforts can help increase the enrollment rate of preschool education in Puding county and promote preschool education quality, localization of preschool education and its sustainability.

Macao Tong Chai Charity Association provides funding for the Children Fun Kindergartens’ environment design, teachers’ capacity building, parent-child activities, and administrative cost.


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