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Xinhuo Preschool Education Project

area Preschool Education
Organization Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation
Year 2014
Region Guizhou
URL http://www.prdf.org.cn/

Xinhuo Preschool Education Project is implemented by Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “PRDF”) to support the establishment of kindergartens in poor areas of Guizhou. This project aims to satisfy the local needs of preschool education by providing hardware construction and teacher training to local teachers.

In Puding County, although most villagers are willing to educate their young children and send them to kindergartens, the distance between their home and the location of public preschool makes it more than difficult. In order to involve these children into preschool education, the PRDF invited the village committees and villagers to arrange and manage their own kindergartens. Meanwhile, the PRDF introduces advanced teacher training method to help the villagers become real preschool teachers. To support the development of the local teachers, the project officers of the PRDF visit the kindergartens every month, organizing the discussions between the teachers. As a team which has offered services to the villagers for several years, the PRDF has close relationship with the bureau of education of Puding County. It also includes the officer of the bureau of education into their teacher training in order to impact the concepts of the government and extend the effects of the project.

We support the investment of the hardware construction and the expense of teacher training and project management.