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Grants Database

Year area Organization Project Region
2016 Preschool Education 6He Reading Service Center for Children, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou (6He) 2016 Zhengan County Early Reading Start Project Guizhou
2015 Preschool Education Macao Tong Chai Charity Association 2016-2017 Rural Pre-school Education Quality Improvement Joint Project Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou
2015 Preschool Education Humana People to People China(HPP China) Preschools of the Future’s Project in Zhengkang County, Yunan-2015 Starting Point Project(Phase III) Yunan
2015 Basic Education National Assessment of Education Quality Supervision results-based Regional Educational Supervisor Capacity-building Gansu
2015 Basic Education Shaanxi Photosynthetic Action Institute for Child Education and Development Xinxiang Sun Village Children Adaptation Project Henan
2015 Industry Development Beijing Western Sunshine Foundation Beijing Western Sunshine Bridge Plan Project (Phase II) Based Nationally
2015 Preschool Education Rural Education Action Plan (REAP) Nurturing Future-A Trial Project for Healthy Growth of Infants and Young Children in Poor Rural Regions Shaanxi
2015 Industry Development Social Resources Institute(SRI) China Donors Roundtable (CDR) Beijing
2015 Basic Education Chengnan College, Hunan First Normal University(Dandelion Action team) “Dandelion Action of Seed Power”, the initial stage of teachers training project Hunan
2015 Basic Education 6He Reading Service Center for Children, Shangcheng District, Hangzhou Reading Project in Zheng’an County, Guizhou and Huoqiu County, Anhui Guizhou, Anhui
2015 Basic Education Guangzhou Yuexiu Beam Alliance Education Support and Development Center The Pilot Project for Teachers’ Micro Grant Service Products Nationally Based
2015 Basic Education Beijing Fuhe education,science and technology Company Limited(also named as: Beijing Fuhe Social Work Service Center) The pilot project for integrated service of children from prisoners families Shaanxi
2015 Preschool Education Pensioners for Rural Development Foundation, Guizhou ?Xinhuo Pre-school Education Project in Puding County (Phase II) Guizhou
2015 Other Education Changchun University of Technology Bridging Teacher-Student Distance Education Reform Project Jilin
2015 Basic Education Stars Youth Development Center Longtan Migrant Workers’ Children Community Library Project (Phase II) Guangdong