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Philanthropy of grants-making

Our Working Philosophy

  • Projects focus on the development of children, ensure the rights of children and follow the child-friendly principle.
  • Attentions are paid to the problems that affect a number of people, have a serious influence, and are in a condition of lack of attention and resources’ input.
  • Focusing on actual problems and needs, exploring effective and sustainable solutions.
  • The project model is preferred to be performed in a large scale and bring the potential for improvement, or provides valuable methods for related efforts.
  • Projects should be practical and continuously innovated and improved.
  • Projects should have systematic thinking and intervention strategies on stakeholders.
  • It is encouraged to use innovative technology such as the Internet to improve projects’ efficiency and influence.

Theory of Change

We believe if all stakeholders, such as teachers, schools, education administrative departments at all levels, parents and communities, are actively involved in the project, a more effective solution will be derived and it will have great influence for children’s growth, leading to social progress.
The changes of participants include different levels.
1. Deepening the understanding of the social problem;
2. Strengthening the motivation;
3. Mastering effective and scientific methods
4. Deriving Sustainable mechanism and culture.