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Types of Grants

Project Grants

We make grants to problem-solving oriented projects. We try to tailor our support to the projects according?to their characteristics including different developing stage and content. Also, we help some outstanding?teams of great potentials and innovative projects develop and improve their ability to solve social problems.

Impact Accelerator for Education

on planning

The Start Program

As we know, outstanding and professional teams can achieve good project effects. However, the number of such teams is limited in the education nonprofit sector. On one hand, some promising teams are lack of experience in the non-profit industry and executing projects. On the
other hand, some outstanding projects hold innovative designs, but at the same time, the risks of the projects increase. Therefore, such projects need to be tested and improved in practice in order to win over recognition and enough resources. The START Program is to provide small amounts of money for above-mentioned projects and set simplified grant-making procedure. Furthermore, it supports cooperating organizations in exploring a feasible solution to innovative projects by piloting, thus improving the project design and executive capacity of the team.

New Vision Program

The New Vision Program is to provide opportunities of learning and communication to Tong Chai’s partners and provide necessary funds. Such opportunities will broaden the vision of NGO workers and inspire them to consider and improve their own projects, which help them to improve their project quality and working capability.